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Italian's Great Joy, Belgians Sorrow and Victory of Football! (Special Report)
2016-06-14 10:52 | Views: 23430
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Before the match of Italy-Belgium, the entire Lyon was filled with fans. The majority of fans were from Belgium.

In the bars, cafes and other touristic places, you will be able to hear the song of the Belgians. The Italians were traditionally active and noisy, but it should be noted that fighting and quarrels did not take place. On the contrary, many of the Italian and Belgian fans were sitting in the bar next to each other.

Because of the stadium is quite far from the city, the local government professionally cared of this fact and allocated special busses and tramways for fans to reach the stadium easily.

When we arrived at the stadium and stood at the entrance started raining and every fan, stadium serving personal and police officer were wet. However, the rain did not have an influence on fans and everyone was focused on stadium.

Multiplity of female fans was an usual thing. This is a contemporary European and not just the success of European football, because the female fans are the one who answers the question of why we are all equal, and the second – where the female fans are, there is less chance of beatings and quarrels.

After the match, despite the loss the Belgian fans were still smiling. As for Italians, they left the stadium with great triumph and continued to enjoy in the streets of Lyon.

Finally, do you know at what time the Lyon public transport ends up the work? At 01:00 am! Ends up at this time and starts at 05:00 am!

Levan Sepiskveradze specially for from Lyon

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